1. Custom layouts, open compositions

The first trend in graphic design 2019 is the open compositions. So far, the structure of sites and ads could be anticipated and the main purpose was to get the feeling of a finished design. In 2019, you must be prepared to surprise yourself, as you will notice unusual, asymmetrical and scattered aspects where the information you are looking for will not be in the usual place; now there is a tendency for open, airy compositions that seem to present only a part of the whole “image”. 2019 is the year when the old models will be dismantled and the door to innovation and creativity in the design will open.



Open composition opens up imagination, making you wonder what’s still there. The web design as part of the graphic design in 2019 will also be characterized by open site-wide compositions and interactivity to extend the experience.

2. 3D design and printing

Three-dimensional works seem to be everywhere, and surely it is included in the trends of 2019. 3D has proved to be a fairly stable and persistent trend in recent years, so we will certainly see many works of its kind.



The 3D trend will surely be present in web design. There will be pieces that remind you of the real world and lead us to alternative universes or even in the future. The opportunities that this trend has is really endless, so in 2019, we certainly expect this trend to flourish.

3. Transitions and color gradients will become the main ones

Due to the tremendous progress in displaying devices in recent years, we will see a richer, vibrant and exuberant range of colors that will be used in 2019. Combinations of vivid colors, transitions and gradients give a futuristic feeling to the general design, these schemes colors will make you feel as if you were in an alternate universe.



Now it’s easier to create patterns and backgrounds, making them more attractive using transitions and color gradients. This is certainly a good tactic to create that wow factor.

4. Simplicity – the key to popularity

Complex graphic drawings cause eye disorders. In addition, a complex graphic design can create unnecessary confusion and eliminate the essence of a brand. In 2019 the “less is more” principle is preserved, and the best way to communicate through charts is to keep them simple but powerful, capable of successfully transmitting the desired message. Moreover, minimalist drawings convey the message directly and sometimes the absence of description generates curiosity among the public to find out more.



5. Metal effect: shine as much brilliance!

Gold never comes out of the trend, but in graphic design 2019, we’ll see even more metallic elements embedded in designs. Especially when it comes to 3D designs, gold items and other metallic elements take over the entire composition, making it look expensive and exclusive.
Displaying different metals with an iris color effect is also quite trendy. Such models look lovely and fascinating because they feature a beautiful palette of shiny colors when light touches their surface.



Metallic elements, especially gold and iris, will often appear in the packaging design 2019, giving it a luxurious feel. The classic combination remains metallic on black and white, but in 2019 we see gold and colorful packaging patterns.

6. Alternative art: lines, spots, drops and scratches.

Incorporating the alternative art into the graphic design we get a piece that will surely stand out. In 2019, we believe we will see many improvisations in this respect. This trend can be noticed in the design of packaging design, often in combination with other trends, such as the metallic effect. Careful selection of colors, shapes, and unique locations where droplets, lines, stains are presented will certainly remove packaging design from the boring area.



We have already become accustomed to seeing classical doodles in the form of simple conceptual illustrations on a black and white background. In 2019, we expect a more modern translation of the layout, combined with other design trends, such as gold, but still keeping the simplicity of the style of illustration. These illustrations often give the impression of infinity, so we expect them to be seen as part of the drawings of the composition.

7. Anti Gravity: Elements that fly and float

We may not see flying cars, but the era of flying elements in the graphic design certainly came. Graphics that sail and float are among the trends in graphic design 2019.
The tendency of anti gravity also appears in packaging design presentations, giving the product the feeling that it comes from a different world. The visitor can easily understand the futuristic vibrations when looking at these models, which naturally increase curiosity. As a result, an ordinary product easily turns into an extraordinary one. Anti-gravity is indeed a concept that will be encountered very often in graphic design 2019.



8. Fluid and liquid effect: Let it flow!

One of the bold tendencies in 2019 is fluid and liquid. Whether it is water, oil or other liquid, this trend inspires many of the contemporary models and will dominate the next calendar year.
Liquid tendency offers great freedom when it comes to typography. Since liquids have different states and thickness levels, they can easily improvise and give the compositions different liquid effects.



Liquid elements and effects will also be present in web design. Combined with open composition across the width, the liquid textures in the web design make the overall look more imaginative and mystical.