Wall Hook

ZEBU Globe L

€ 69

Stylized. Its own original form. Yes, this is about ZEBU. Functional and decorative, the “ZEBU” wall hangers evidently smell of tradition. Inspired by nature, the object represents more than a simple silhouette. A great texture comes from the solid wood it’s made of. The fibers of the wood are made more subtle by treatment with waxes, oils and natural pigments.
Yes, it is even PRACTICAL. Two to three hanging points, the third one being a strap of leather that serves to hang hooked items such as hangers, umbrellas and much more.
Any object must also serve a decorative purpose. We must take out stuff from inside ugly plain boxes and leave the space breathing.
ZEBU is a useful and beautiful addition to your space.
Designed and produced manually in Moldova.


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