The “Casa Veche” project is a logo for the future guesthouse in the village of Palanca, Stefan Voda district – a one hundred year old house, renovated and ready to accommodate new guests. Located near of the Dniester river, “Casa Veche” will focus on a culinary experience that celebrates the authentic Moldovan aroma and taste. It will provide guests with traditional kitchen, along with an authentic experience. Cultural aspects will be incorporated into the culinary experience to help rediscover the Moldovan heritage, food history and culture.
The “Casa Veche” guesthouse is a fusion of modern and traditional and preserves the authentic elements of the country’s rural areas.
The “Casa Veche” assumes that it has some old elements, that bench, those rugs and all this atmosphere is transposed in the logo.
Thus as the source of inspiration but also the main character is the house itself. We incorporated the illustration of the hand-drawn house as a focal point and by combining it with a vintage font, we gave it a personality note and an outdated look. The logo is a reflection of the “Casa Veche” guesthouse – simple, authentic and refined to make guests feel at ”home”.

Title: Casa Veche
Client: Guesthouse ”Casa Veche”
Year: 2019

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