Bar Stool “Contrapposto”
The “Contrapposto” chair is a bar stool based on a curved stainless steel frame, natural leather and solid wood, designed as a seat for discussion and relaxation.
The main structure of the “Contrapposto” chair is a continuous pipe frame in the form of the figure “7”. To achieve this, a single stainless steel pipe with a circular profile is bent. The most important innovation is an oak board that is inserted between two parallel pipes at the base of the seat, it acts as the front footstool and serves as a support for the legs. On the armrests of the frame is the seat of the double layer of cow leather 4mm. Spinning the seat, is a leather cylinder filled with soft material such as cotton or natural latex sponge. This back of chair hides the open ends of the pipe.
We have succeeded in reaching the formula of not resorting to assembly, as the metal parts are supported under their own weight with the wood plate, forming the lock which is also the key element on the construction. The chair meets all the ergonomic requirements at the highest level and is very friendly in contact with the human body.
The name of this chair is not an ordinary one; the term “Contrapposto” comes from Italian and is used in the plastic arts to designate the posture in which man distributes the majority of body weight to one foot. The posture is considered relaxed and natural, and the same principle has been preserved in the constructive part of the object.
The “Contrapposto” chair combines an original design with a modernist spirit and was made without ultra-modern machines. Its production was not the most difficult part, more complicated was the search for the necessary materials to meet the most important characteristics – durable and accessible at the same time.