Logo & Business Card Design
This client is a well-known interior designer in Chișinău. We were honored to design a chic logo that was as dynamic as she is.
Eugenia Şpac is an interior designer who offers a strong design vision and commitment to the highest quality of service.
She wanted a logo that would be memorable, simple and suggestive to everyone who lies their eyes upon it.
Designing an effective logo is not a quick or easy process. It requires research, thought, care and attention to ensure the final logo design broadcasts the right message.
We chose for her logo purple to give it a power, timeless feel. The purple palette means the designs can be easily translated to different color palettes for different occasions. E & D (design) stylized letters, which together form plane structure, an intersection element between a pillar and a door.

Title: E-Design
Client: Eugenia Şpac
Year: 2018

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