Eatery – passion for burgers

Eatery is a newly emerging restaurant in București Romania specializes in providing all types of burgers specialization. The passion for a truly delicious burger has led them to go further and create the ideal relaxation space. The restaurant is distinguished from other high quality in providing Burger to its customers with the highest quality possible.
For this project, we developed the logo and the menus for restaurant.
The concept is based on the create a new logo reflects the activity of the restaurant – the sale of burgers. This was inspired by combining the letter “E” at the beginning of the restaurant name and the use of perforated materials in its interior design.
This logo consists of a square-shaped quadrant reminiscent of a metallic sheet with 3 perforated rows representing the stylized letter “E”.
”The perforated rows” were used to visually adjust the logo and make it visually comfortable.
Clear shapes. Maximum contrast. Why? The minimalist design is easy to see and memorize.
In the style of Gramatschii Design Studio, this logo will help the business, giving future customers a memorable and meaningful impression.

Title: Eatery
Client: Eatery- passion for burgers
Year: 2018

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