A product that perfectly combines two contrasting crafts: metalworking and woodworkingKOKI is a functional and decorative tape dispenser stylised as a snail, you can feel the simplicity of its form through the clean line that shapes the product’s silhouette.

The production process reflects the idea of eliminating the superfluous. The snails are cut of a 1.5mm brass or stainless sheet, at the optimal thickness for the best rigidity. The flat pieces are then bent. Through multiple tests we found that the best teeth angle for ripping tape is 45 degrees.
The wooden spool, in which the tape sits, is made out of two parts, connected through magnets inserted into the wood. The pieces are carefully and precisely milled by traditional crafters.
After ripping, the end of the tape remains fixed and stretched. The fixed end suspended in the air allows for easier reuse. Ergonomic considerations make the product easy and friendly in contact with users. The two-part wooden spool nudges the user to play with the inserted magnets during the process of replacing the tape. The two pieces make a pleasing clank when they come close, challenging you to repeat the satisfying action.

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