MobiCasa is a new brand on the Moldovan market, specializing in the sale of natural wood furniture and ecological mattresses.
Our task was to give the brand a new look, starting with a restyling of the logo to redesigning different communication materials.
We created an elegant logo wich emphasizes the main advantafes of the company. In the process of creation, we were inspired by the company name itself. In this sense, we decided to focus on the letters “M” and “C”, which combined form a stylized house.
A strict and minimalist logo creates a picture of a trusted company and reflects a qualitative approach to work. MobiCasa will become the guarantor of quality for its customers.
The Logotype created by Gramatschii Design Studio was at the forefront of the inauguration of the company’s first physical store located in Chisinau on 115/1 Orheiul Str.
As a result, the rebranding resulted in more than 20 new collaborations for the Mobicasa company obtained from the local partners and the widening of the client’s age range from 30-60 years to 22-60 years, which for Mobicasa “means increasing the number of potential customers by about 26%.
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Title: MobiCasa
Client: Shtirban Sergiu
Year: 2018
Photos: Sergiu Ceban 

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