Logo Design for New Luxury Clothing Brand
Minimalist logo for a clothing brand named “MOLLY”. The brand is going to sell luxury clothing, mostly dresses and pajamas for women with its carefully detailed minimal impressions that combine simple, perfect design and accuracy of its content. It’s a luxury clothing company with huge potential. Unique in its design and will offer you the best reasons to sparkle in their clothing with high quality materials for all items.
The logo design requirements were: simple, stylish and unique. We also had to make sure that the logo will look good on each article and that it will be a logo that people will easily identify.
We love creating meaningful designs! So after a research, we found inspiration in sunrise, that symbolizing the act of the new creation and the appearance of something beautiful every day. By combining the letter (M) and letter (Y), two letters that are included in the name of the brand and sunrise motive, we have obtained this simple, luxurious and memorable logo.

Title: MOLLY
Client: MOLLY
Year: 2018

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