Logo & Business Card Design
PRETTY NAILS is a school that combines 13 years of practical experience gained from courses, seminars and self-development. In addition to refresher courses, it offers manicure services, nail extensions and correction, nail restoration services. Our task was to create the logo and design of the business card for a Nail Artist.
Gramatschii Design Studio team created for PRETTY NAILS, a modern, clean and sophisticated logo that will certainly help with the future development of the business.
For the development of this logo was applied the trend of 2019, namely “Shift in minimalism“. The minimalist logotype evokes the subject with few visual elements – only the first letters “P” and “N“.
Elegance has always had close ties to the script. That’s why the font Fibon Sans Thin was chosen for this logo.
This simple & modern logo retains classy, sophisticated but elegant and feminine at the same time.
For the business cards it was decided to give them more light and warmth! The pastel pink color creates the feminine look and “touch cover” paper offers a great touch.

Title: PRETTY NAILS by Mariana Bunduchi
ClientMariana Bunduchi
Year: 2018

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