Robin is a clothing brand. The company offers unique apparel, and accessories to women and men who value versatility, style, and comfort.
One of the key values of the brand is to unify feminine and masculine elements which results in a strong and timeless clothing line. We created an overall brand aesthetic that aligns itself with Robin’s clientele that embodies good looking designs and materials as well as functional and well fitting clothing.
The unique designs and patterns reflect the personality of the Robin give the brand its identity and helped it in attaining a differentiated image.
This logo is unusual by the method of creating. Robin was created using the “continuous line drawing” method, more simply this logo was created without taking the pencil on the paper. Drawn and then vectorized “bird” obtained was framed in the circle. The circle symbolizes air, space and expansion.
The font is also unique and emits the thread with which the clothing is created.

Title: Robin
Client: Robin
Photos : Sergiu Ceban,thank you very much for your support!
Year: 2018

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