Play with the force of gravity, be the one who will try the first, the new Roll lamp!
Roll is a minimalist lamp with a bluetooth speaker, climate sensors and a smart integrated wizard. Portable and minimalist design, it’s a great gift for those who focus on simplicity and are mindful of details. Roll can be used as a work lamp as well as a decorative object, which will remain an unforgettable memory for the guests. Thanks to its functions this lamp creates an impressive atmosphere in any room. The warm light will turn the space into a more welcoming place, will not make your eyes tired and can be used as a night light.
The lamp maintains balance due to the internal mechatronic system. Being connected via Bluetooth, it can be controlled via the application. With this, you can light up, increase or decrease its intensity, read the climate sensor data, change the song or its volume, change the angle of inclination of the light source. You can change the angle of inclination with the application on the device or by moving the lamp arm to the desired position. Then the lamp changes its center of gravity to keep the balance in its new position. Due to its construction the illusion of overweight is created, so we get the “dynamic” aspect of the lamp.

All in ONE
Roll is a minimalist table lamp with an intelligent integrated wizard and a mechanism of the original swing. It is intended for lovers of minimalism, to reduce the number of objects in everyday life.

Nothing more
The minimalist design tends to eliminate any decorative or useless element. The cylindrical surface is pure and the cylinder is balancing without additional legs. To change the angle of tilt, you only need to tilt the hand lamp and keep it in the desired position for 5 seconds.

The cylinder is balanced without additional supports. An internal mechanism allows the lamp to be tilted at different angles, keeping balance in the process.

At home and at the office
The main goal of the gadget is to release the table or object room by combining them in a lamp which hides itself a portable bluetooth speaker, climate sensors and a smart assistant. While sitting on the table, it can be powered by the micro-USB or USB-C cable.

The lamp tube can be removed, the base cylinder becoming portable to use in any situation. The tube is caught by 2 magnets that also serve as the lamp supply. The base cylinder has a battery for portability.

Adjusting sound volume, changing song, tilt angle, adjusting light intensity, reading
The data recorded by the climate sensors is done using standard phone or computer applications. A smartphone and PC application can also manipulate the multifunction lamp settings.
The lamp has only one button with several functions:
– Turn on the lamp and the speaker by pressing
– When lit, press once to pause / play music
– Double tap allows you to reconnect to Bluetooth devices
– Press and hold for 5 seconds to disconnect

– Stainless steel outer cylinder painted black
– Decorative plates, loudspeaker protection, stainless steel
– Loudspeakers